Guidelines To Consider When Getting IT Security Certification Exam Vouchers

Exam vouchers are available for individuals and companies that need to deal with IT security certification exams. Just make sure that before you buy or use them, you go through the following guidelines. Expiration Date When you get an IT security certification exam voucher, it's only going to be valid for a certain period of time. Knowing what this date is matters because it lets you take the exam and use this voucher before it expires.

Tips For Placing Your Home Theatre Speakers In The Ideal Spot

Are you installing a home theatre and not sure where to place your speakers? Here are some tips for optimal speaker placement so your home theatre sounds great. Make All Speakers Equal Distance From The Viewer The first thing you should consider when deciding on speaker placement is how to make the speaker all the same distance from where the viewer is seated. This can be tricky based on the setup of your room, but it will help improve the sound quality so that all sound reaches you at the same time and at the same volume

How To Fight Complacency In Business Cyber Security

In the world of business cybersecurity, complacency is often one of the biggest enemies. People assume all the cybersecurity tools are in place, so they don't have to worry about such issues. If you wish to keep your IT infrastructure safe, though, you need to combat complacency every step of the way. Let's examine how a business can accomplish its IT security goals through more consistent efforts. Culture Companies must develop cultures that value security.