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Tips For Placing Your Home Theatre Speakers In The Ideal Spot

Are you installing a home theatre and not sure where to place your speakers? Here are some tips for optimal speaker placement so your home theatre sounds great.

Make All Speakers Equal Distance From The Viewer

The first thing you should consider when deciding on speaker placement is how to make the speaker all the same distance from where the viewer is seated. This can be tricky based on the setup of your room, but it will help improve the sound quality so that all sound reaches you at the same time and at the same volume

The best way to determine your ideal distance is to start by measuring the distance between your seat and the centre speaker of your home theatre. This is going to be the one distance that is difficult to change since the centre speaker should be where your TV is located. You can then measure from your sitting position where each speaker should go to match this distance.

Avoid Putting Speakers In The Wall

One mistake that many people make when building a home theatre is creating recessed spaces in the wall for their surround sound speakers. This is the worst place where you can put speakers for several reasons. Speakers should be at ear level and pointing directly toward you when possible. 

The sound suffers in several ways when you put a speaker into a wall. You end up with sound reverberating in the recessed area where the speaker lives, and it is muffled by the cover that hides the speaker. The speaker is then pointing outward into the room rather than towards your seating position. You also can't change the distance of the speakers from the seating position. These are all problems that should be avoided by placing speakers on stands and at ear height. 

Place Side Speakers Slightly In Front Of You

A 7.1 surround sound setup is going to have speakers on the left and right sides of the room. While this works for a single person enjoying your home theatre, it is not ideal when you have two people sitting on a couch next to each other. The person sitting on the right is going to block the sound from the right speaker and vice versa. 

The solution to this problem is to place the side speakers slightly in front of the sitting position and point them towards the viewers. This prevents anybody from blocking the path of the sound and creates the optimal speaker placement for your side speakers. 

Reach out to a professional who provides home theatre installation services to discuss speaker placement.